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Let's Go Beyond "Good Enough"

Before buying Cloth Diapers & Langots for your newborn baby, make an informed decision on what type of fabric material is safe for newborns. Compare and learn about why Just Bumm offers the best & safest solution for cloth diapering! Don't settle for just "good enough".

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Kewt Langot - The Safest Langot for Newborn Babies

Why Kewt Langots are a Safer Choice for your Newborn Babies

Kewt Langots are reusable cloth nappies specially designed for newborn babies of 0-3 months. Here's why they might be a safer option for your little one: Breathable Materials Free From Chemicals R...

Kewt Langots - Your Baby's 1st Safest langot

5 Top Reasons to Use Langots for Babies

Discover the benefits of switching to Langots for your baby’s well-being. From the safest material to reducing the risk of diaper rashes, learn why Langots are the best choice for your baby’s diape...


Why Just Bumm Cloth Diapers & Langots

Just Bumm's Newborn Collection offers a gentle and sustainable solution for new parents. Unlike bulky disposables, our cloth diapers are crafted from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, ensuring the softest touch against your baby's delicate skin. These super-absorbent wonders are leak-proof, keeping your little one comfortable for longer stretches. Plus, our unique size-adjustable design grows with your baby, eliminating the need for multiple-sized purchases.

For added comfort and breathability during diaper-free time, we have Kewt Langots. Made from the same organic cotton as our diapers, Kewt Langots are a traditional favorite, perfect for keeping your baby rash-free and happy.

Just Bumm goes beyond just products. We understand the challenges of caring for a newborn. That's why we offer a complete cloth diapering system, making diaper changes effortless. Our easy-to-use and clean diapers fasten with secure velcro closures, simplifying your busy life.

Choose Just Bumm and embrace a sustainable future. By opting for reusable diapers and natural materials, you'll minimize waste and reduce your carbon footprint. It's a win-win for your baby's health and the planet. Join the Just Bumm family and experience the comfort and convenience of cloth diapering for your precious newborn.