Why Kewt Langots are a Safer Choice for your Newborn Babies

Why Kewt Langots are a Safer Choice for your Newborn Babies

Kewt Langots are reusable cloth nappies specially designed for newborn babies of 0-3 months. Here's why they might be a safer option for your little one:

Breathable Materials:

Kewt Langots are made from 100% Organic Cotton. Organic Cotton is one of the gentlest and softest fabrics for a newborn’s sensitive skin. Unlike synthetic langots (dry feel layer) that trap moisture, Kewt langots allow for better airflow, which can help prevent diaper rash.

Free From Chemicals:

Disposable diapers are easy and convenient for new parents to use. But not safe for babies. Scientific studies have found the presence of phthalates in diapers which are endocrine disruptors. Kewt Langots, made with Organic cotton and even dyed with organic dyes leave no space for chemicals.

Reduced Risk of Rashes:

Diaper rash is a common concern for parents of newborns. The breathability and gentle materials of Kewt Langots can help reduce the risk of irritation and rashes compared to disposable diapers and dry feel nappies.

Potential for Fewer Leaks (with proper use):

Kewt Langots have multiple layers of absorbency, which can help contain leaks better than traditional langots or dry feel cloth nappies. This can be especially helpful during diaper-free time. For nighttime or long hours usage, you may need to consider absorbent cloth diapers.


Padded nappies that come with a dry feel layer produce lint that can be harmful to newborn babies. These micro particles from synthetic fabrics like microfiber are an invisible threat to babies. Kewt Langots are lint-free and hence reduce the risk of exposure to micro particles! Hence making them the safer choice for your newborn babies!

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