About Us

Just Bumm is a brand known for Reusable Cloth Diapers for babies in India. Established in February 2020, We at Just Bumm provide a wide variety of Cloth Diapers for babies. Our Cloth Diapers are versatile and made of GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton and Hemp as core absorbent materials. You can wash and reuse these cloth diapers for babies up to 3 years. It is not only versatile in terms of wide range, but also the fit for babies of various build.

How it started

“While searching for that perfect diaper, I found that the diapers were either too expensive or not made to suit every baby’s needs. It was lacking in quality. These products were of poorly sourced materials like microfiber, bamboo charcoal, or just conventional cotton. It was not up to the mark and did not fulfill the requirements. I could only find very less options although Cloth Diapering was slowly making its way into the Indian Market. Hence I decided to Start my line “Just Bumm”. Where parents have options to choose from, affordable, and with a guilt-free conscience. I should eliminate any factors contributing to rashes and hence stick to Organic Materials like Organic Cotton and Hemp”, says Hema Parkavi, Co-Founder at Just Bumm.

“It was all about sustainability, reducing waste, and saving Earth with Cloth Diapers. But I could clearly see something that was contradicting this idea developing. Parents were buying many thoughtlessly made products. Violating the aesthetic purpose of reducing waste, these products created only more of it. Nothing was reduced or reused. We wanted to give a better choice while sticking to the idea. Keep it minimal. Hence came forth Fluffie, India’s 1st and Only Free Size nappy. You can use it for diaper-free time, potty training all the while reducing and reusing”, says Bharrani Pargavi, Co-Founder at Just Bumm.

About Just Bumm

We manufacture Just Bumm Cloth Diapers in India. Our Manufacturing Unit is located in Namakkal, TamilNadu. We choose only the best of source materials available. After careful inspection and consideration, nothing could suit better than GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Hemp. Babies will not get rashes unlike chemical filled plastic diapers.

Our Products

Remarkable Versatility is the axiom of our products. We have Newborn DiapersFree Size DiapersFluffie – Nappies, Kewt Langots, and Cloth Diaper Accessories. Everything that you need from your baby’s birth till potty training. Your one stop shop for all your baby’s diapering needs.

Newborn Diapers fits babies from 0-6 Months. It is suitable for 2.5 Kgs till 7 Kgs Babies. Newborn Cover Diapers are the most economical newborn diapers. Our Newborn Shell Diaper has dry feel and is very suitable for nighttime. Easy to use hook and loop system and laundry tabs for washing makes it the most desirable cloth diapers for newborn babies.

Free Size Cloth Diapers fits babies from 3 months till 3 years. You can use them from 5 kgs till 17 kgs. These diapers are waterproof and has longer absorbency. Aurora Cover Diapers are for daytime Usage. Dream Diapers are exclusively for Nighttime usage. You can use Aurora Max Diapers for both day and night, outdoors and travel too.

Kewt Langots are made of 100% Organic Cotton certified by GOTS. Newborn skin is very delicate so we want our Kewt Langots to be your baby’s 1st langot ever! For a safe & rash-free diaper free time.

Fluffie is India’s 1st and only Free Size nappy. You can use this multi purpose nappy for diaper free time and potty training. It fits babies from 5 kgs till 17 kgs which saves you 75% of langot expenses.

Diaper Inserts and Accessories are available in packs. You can grab them for extra changes. Cloth Diaper Inserts are available at different absorbency suitable for your particular requirements.


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Customer Support

Head on to our YouTube Channel to watch Video tutorials. It teaches you how to use each type of Cloth Diapers available with us. Right from Newborn Cloth Diapers till One Size Cloth Diapers, and Fluffie. These videos contain the most detailed way of usage. It also shows how to add absorbency, place diaper liners and usage for heavy wetters. You may have to turn on captions for detailed on screen instructions.

For Personal Assistance and Product Recommendations, head on to our WhatsApp Chat Support Team. In case of any queries or doubts, feel free to reach out to us. All your Cloth Diaper related queries will be solved to make your journey smooth.