Is Diaper free time necessary for babies?

Is Diaper free time necessary for babies?
Baby in Diaper free time essential - Fluffie

What is Diaper free time?

Diapering babies come with their own challenges be it cloth or disposables. With the convenience of modern diapering technology, parents tend to keep their babies in diapers 24/7 without considering the possible hygiene risks. This kind of practice may lead to diaper rashes. Diaper rashes are mostly caused because of not changing the diapers at regular intervals. Babies are kept in soiled diapers, in constant wetness, and irritation from chemicals in case of disposables for prolonged periods. This eventually develops into yeast or bacterial infection and much more worse problems like UTI.

You should change your baby’s diapers every 2-3 hours and frequent diaper changes alone is not going to help to get rid of these rashes. Babies should get some free time from diapering round the clock. And be off the diapers or components like harsh chemicals that cause rashes. You should give Some free time or off time from Diapers to babies to let their diaper region breathe and this free time has been widely termed as Diaper Free time. Free time from diapers can make wonders in eliminating rashes, irritation and chaffing.

What is the ideal time to go diaper free?

Going diaper free with babies can be really smooth or tough depending on the method that you choose. The Most Ideal Time to go diaper free would be right after the baby has pooped or in between diaper changes. Typically diaper free time can last from 30 minutes to an hour. Anything more than that is up to your own preference.

Is Diaper free time only for summer?

Absolutely not. Regardless of weather, you will need to give diaper free time for babies. Too much moisture and too much dryness is also a cause for rashes. Rashes occur at all seasons and hence making it regular will help you keep the rashes at check.

How to give diaper free time for babies?

You can start doing this while changing your baby’s diaper and then gradually set a regular time. Remove the soiled diaper, and wipe the diaper region clean with a soft and Organic Cotton Cloth Wipe soaked in plain water and then pat it dry. Always remember to wipe off the diaper area from front to back to avoid infection. One method is to lay down the baby in a mattress protector or a quick dry sheet.

Another method is you can leave the baby in nappies made of most breathable fabric like cotton. You can cut up old cotton sarees or towels, or get muslin or cotton squares to make a langot. You can wrap it up around the diaper region and secure it with a knot to prevent it from falling off. This method is no different from the above and you might need a mattress protector as these cannot hold up accidents completely. But this can get messy and inconvenient as it does not contain the accident within and most parents find it difficult to clean up after them.

Tips to make diaper free time less messy!

The best way to go diaper free with babies is to keep them in a nappy made of breathable and Organic Cotton. The One that can contain the mess so you don’t have to clean up later. Organic Cotton is the only natural and breathable material that has been widely used for ages. None other than Just Bumm Fluffie would be the best option for diaper free time. Fluffie is an Organic Cotton Nappy made of 6 layers of GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton and dyes that can hold one or upto two pees. It has elastics at the back and at the legs to give a snug fit and to prevent leaks.

Unlike regular langots that leaks, Fluffie really contains the mess all neat & clean. It is the only nappy with Baby Soft Velcro Closure for easy use so you don’t have to struggle with tie-ups. What’s more, Fluffie is free size that fits babies from 5-12 kgs making it the most economical option you can ever get for babies of all age. One for all. Lets cut sizes not comfort.

What is Just Bumm Fluffie? – Watch Video

For Newborn babies of 0-3 months, Kewt Langots are the most suitable essentials for diaper free time! Unlike other langots that has synthetic layers on top, Kewt Langots has 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton padding only!

Why Dry feel is not required?

Dry feel layer is made of synthetic material microfleece which wicks away moisture from the baby’s skin. But Diaper off time is to retain good and natural moisture in the diaper region and provide breathability. Having dry feel layer in nappy or langot works against this and defeats the purpose of diaper free time. It is not entirely organic because the layer that’s touching the baby’s skin is not cotton but microfleece. This may cause a worst case scenario for babies with sensitive skin. For example, eczema prone babies are allergic to these synthetic materials. Moreover it wouldn’t be any different from keeping the baby in a cloth diaper or a disposable that has dry feel. Remember? This is diaper off time! Learn why Fluffie is the best diaper free time essential!

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