A Debunk of Cloth Diaper Myths

A Debunk of Cloth Diaper Myths

You must have heard a lot of things about Cloth diapers; good or bad. You are convinced to buy Cloth diapers yet not sure if you can go all in on them. That is why we have decided to debunk some myths about Cloth diapers. First off, general myths surrounding cloth diapers are not backed by any scientific or medical evidence. Secondly, those are pure hearsay. Let’s debunk those!

Cloth Diapers are not comfortable

Many say that if you use a cloth diaper, your baby will be uncomfortable and fussy. As cloth diapers contain a lot of buttons, your baby will experience discomfort is what they say. The Buttons are to secure the diaper in place. It does nothing more than to hold it well for your baby. It does not cause any inconvenience to your baby.

They are so bulky

“Won’t it be bulky for the baby?” is what we hear the most from new parents. Despite us saying that ‘cloth diapers only look big and it is not bulky’, it is not enough to convince them. It is as if they have decided that cloth diapers will be bulky. I’ll break it down in detail for you. You can use a cloth diaper from 3 months till 3 years. Hence it should accommodate the size of a 3 month baby as well as a toddler. So it should be cut out in a bigger size and made to suit a smaller baby. And that is why, a cloth diaper looks big on small babies. Parents often confuse this big look with bulkiness.

Another thing they are confused about is the number of layers a diaper has. More the layers, more the bulk. But the truth is, a cloth diaper does not weigh more than 150 grams. It will also absorb water only to its capacity, unlike disposables. You will find disposables getting much bigger, bulkier, and soggier as time passes by. Which is not the same with cloth diapers. Typically a cloth diaper weighs only double its original weight after absorbing. Whereas a disposable can absorb 60% its weight. You will also find that a cloth diaper absorbs the same as that of a disposable. It’s magic, right? Nah, it’s the power of Cloth!

So gross

Cloth Diapers are gross. Absolutely! It will become gross if you don’t wash them well. We had a comment from a parent and it is still funny to this day. “How can you expect parents to clean the poop of the baby from the diapers? It is so gross to touch it and clean it!” is what they were talking about. Don’t we all clean ourselves after pooping? Or won’t you clean your baby’s diaper area if you use disposable diapers? What kind of sorcery is this? Cleaning cloth diapers are really easy peasy lemon squeezy! Learn how to effectively store, wash and dry cloth diapers, so you won’t gross out!

Cloth Diapers are expensive

You got the Math all wrong! Here is a simple calculation for you! You can get One cloth diaper for an average of 650. And you can reuse it for 3 years. You only need 16 reusable diapers and some extra accessories. So you will spend only around 10,000 to 14,000. A single disposable diaper will cost you 10-15 Rupees. You need 8 diapers for a day. So you will spend around 80,000 – 90,000 rupees for 3 years! You may feel that cloth diapers are expensive but disposables are very expensive in the long run.

It affects the Baby’s Milestones

One of the worst and most shocking myths you hear a lot about Cloth Diapers. This in particular is not to be taken lightly. As it has a very negative effect on Cloth Diapers. To say something important regarding our baby’s health, we all take precautions. But to say something without medical or scientific evidence makes it invalid. ‘Cloth Diapers affects milestones’ is not scientifically proven. Wearing cloth diapers does not interfere with your baby’s first crawl or first step! Every baby is different and will achieve their milestones when and only if they are ready.

Cloth Diapers leak

Your baby’s diaper leak happens regardless of the type of diaper you use. Did you know that disposable diapers leak too? Diaper leaks make you hesitant to choose Cloth Diapers. Your baby’s diaper may leak because of improper fit, wrong size, absorbency and much more. Before you conclude that Cloth Diapering is not for you, you need to get these things checked. If you have not yet started cloth diapering, then it is not a fact but a 100% Myth that you shouldn’t let you stop from trying. If you are facing diaper leaks, or you want to know what to do when it happens, read the blog below.

Not suitable for boy babies

Some say that using cloth diapers will affect baby’s private part especially boys. They also fear that it will reduce the sperm count. FYI, babies does not produce sperm until after puberty. You need to know the right way to wear a cloth diaper for baby boys. While wearing cloth diapers, the baby’s private part should face down. Yet again, we do not see any medical information about this so it is also a Myth. Just some myth created by worried non cloth diaper users.

Makes babies’ legs wide

Some say that if you make your baby wear cloth diapers, their legs will become wide. Because of the crotch width and the bulkiness of the diaper, babies will keep their legs in frog position. Their legs won’t stay close. Excuse me but that is the position your baby’s legs are normally in. Did you know that Cloth Diapers are made of cloth and not steel? It is evident from research that Cloth diapers does not contain any steel and only layers of cloth that are sewn together. These layers of cloth will absorb your baby’s pee. It is also flexible and baby’s will be comfortable like they are in any other cloth. Hence it does not make babies’ legs wide. Our Cloth diapers are only 12 cm wide at the crotch, which is not too big and not too less.

Your baby will get rashes

You don’t need to worry about this with our Cloth Diapers. Rashes occur because of chemicals, improper hygiene, and not properly washing them. Disposable diapers contain harmful chemicals like toxins and fragrances. Your baby’s skin will get rashes when it is absorbed into their skin. But in our Cloth Diapers, the pads are made of 100% Organic Cotton Cloth. Organic cotton is the most sought after and most suitable for babies. Alternatively you can give diaper free time for your babies. Providing them ample diaper free time will keep the rashes in check. 

Cloth Diapers are a lot of work

They say that buying, using, wearing, washing and drying cloth diapers is a lot of work. And that you will be doing the same on repeat. Cloth Diapers are a lot easier than what you hear or see. Just like how easy it is to create these myths, it is that easy to wear, use, wash and dry them. You only need to make sure that you are aware of the basics. If you know how to properly wear them, it only takes less than a minute to wear cloth diapers. It only takes you some 5 minutes to know the perfect wash routine. The rest will be handled by the machine if you input them. Cloth Diapering is not a lot of work, it is fun!

I hope you had a lot of fun reading this & let’s learn more in the next post!

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