Why Go Diaper Free lite with Fluffie?

Why Go Diaper Free lite with Fluffie?

Parents spend quite a lot on langots and underwear for their babies. We at Just Bumm wanted something that would make parents spend less, and use more but affordable as well. We put much thought into what would be the right product that best fits these features.

After so many trials and errors, we came up with Fluffie. A Product that fits babies of all age categories up to 2 years. After its launch in April 2020, Fluffie has now become the most sought-after Organic Cotton Nappy by parents. Fluffie is making parents gradually change to it from regular langots. Read on to know the reasons why this diaper-free time essential has become the popular one it is now.

A Product of Innovation

Fluffie is India’s 1st and Only Free Size Organic Cotton Nappy. Its unique design and pattern have won many hearts. It is designed in a way that it can be used for a long time. It fits babies from 5 kgs to 12 kgs. Unlike regular langots that have single layer or even padded langots, Fluffie has 6 layers of Organic Cotton for absorption. It holds one pee regardless of a baby’s age without creating any mess. The Baby soft hook and loop closure make it very easy to wear and remove and it takes only a minute to wear. You can wear it even when the baby is standing or moving around. (That is how easy it is). In addition, it does not hurt the baby’s skin, unlike regular velcros.

The traditional langots have tie-ups that are just difficult and tedious to use. It takes a lot to make the baby stay still until you can finish it with a knot. Not to mention the nasty tangles that happen during the wash. Fluffie has easy-wash laundry tabs to ensure that the hook stays undamaged. Fluffie is not only popular among parents but has also become the most plagiarized product among vendors. Although some products are squishy and can be wrapped or one that grows, nothing else is soft or original like Fluffie.

Compare Organic Cotton Fluffie with other nappies

The Most important aspect of why you should go diaper-free lite – Is its cost-effectiveness. Along with features like multipurpose and one size, Fluffie doesn’t cost that much. True Innovation is not expensive. It is effective. Let’s compare the cost with regular and padded langots. These are available in different sizes and you have to buy them every three months. A pack of 3 of these langots or padded wears can cost anywhere around ₹500- ₹700. For a year alone, you spend ₹1500 – ₹2100. Not to mention these are less absorbent than Fluffie. As for Fluffie, you spend only ₹899 for 2 years! And you are covering the entire cost for your diaper-free essential and potty training essential. One for all.


Fluffie isn’t a typical langot or underwear. It’s multi-purpose usage makes it a must-have essential in your baby’s stash. It can be used for diaper-free time and for potty training too. This organic cotton nappy is highly breathable and has no dry feel layer so your baby stays comfortable during diaper-free time and can signal for wetness as well. Washing becomes easier as you do not have to wash anything extra by using this. With a regular langot, you have to wash the langots, the mattress, and any cloth under the baby because of the messy leaks.

Totally Organic

Everything that goes in and becomes Fluffie is chosen with the best care. It is organic and phthalate-free. The Cotton with which Fluffie is made and touches your baby’s skin is Certified by GOTS as 100% organic. The Cute prints on the outer that you see are printed with GOTS organic dyes as well. The Snap buttons to adjust the length are phthalate-free and shatterproof. The Hook and loop closure is made for babies. It is soft to the touch, anti-rollback, and not easy to remove, unlike regular velcros.

With the goodness of Organic Cotton, the comfort for the baby increases exponentially. It is tough for babies to communicate when something doesn’t feel right. Plastic nappies and langots can make babies uncomfortable. Rashes occur because of low breathability and airflow. Moreover, the leaks that happen with these langots can get messy over time. Taking all such factors into consideration, nothing else is soft, Organic, innovative, or cost-effective like Fluffie.

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