Things You Need To Know About Cloth Diapers & Langots

Things You Need To Know About Cloth Diapers & Langots

Thinking about ditching disposables and going green with reusables? You're not alone! Cloth diapering and using langots are making a comeback, and for good reason. But with so many options and questions, it can be overwhelming.

This guide will answer some of the most frequently asked questions to get you started on your cloth diapering journey.


What are Cloth Diapers?

  • Reusable diapers made from absorbent fabrics with snaps or velcro for closure. Nowadays, Modern Cloth Diapers like Just Bumm Cloth Diapers boast a whole lot of features like Waterproof, Dry feel, and Quick Absorbent Core in the diapers.

What are langots?

  • Traditional square-shaped cloth used for newborns in some cultures. Langots are part of Indian Household tradition where they would wrap their newborns in cotton cloths. These Langots then slowly evolved to absorb more pee, reduce mess with elastics and tying strings like Kewt langots and Fluffie.

Are cloth diapers and langots eco-friendly?

Cloth Diapers:

Are cloth diapers hard to use?

  • No. Modern cloth diapers are easier than you think. With just a little bit of learning, Cloth Diapering is very easy.

How many cloth diapers do I need?

  • WHO suggests that diapers should be changed as frequently as 2 hours for newborn babies and every 3-4 hours for toddlers. So you will need 7-10 diapers per day. Considering laundry and potty, you will need 14-20 cloth diapers.

What types of cloth diapers are there?

What are cloth diaper inserts?

  • Absorbent Pads that are used with cloth diapers to absorb the pee.

How do I wash cloth diapers?

  • There is a specific wash routine for cloth diapers. You can follow what each brand has in place. But the most common steps are Pre Wash, Main Wash and Rinse. Read - How to Wash Cloth Diapers.

Can cloth diapers leak?

  • Leaks are normal with any diaper be it disposables or cloth diapers. But proper fit, absorbency, and washing routine minimize them. Read - Hacks to prevent Diaper leaks.

Can I use cloth diapers at daycare?

  • We at Just Bumm highly encourage using Cloth Diapers at daycare. You can talk with your daycare provider about Cloth Diapers and why you feel it is a better choice for your baby. Tip: Keep a lot of spare and wet bags.


What are langots made of?

How do I use langots?

  • Folding techniques vary with square clothes. With Modern langots like Kewt langots, you just need to wrap them for babies and tie up the strings.

How often do I need to change langots?

  • Langots are mostly designed for diaper free time to absorb one accidental pee. So you need to change frequently for every pee.

Can langots be used at night?

  • Langots may not be ideal for nighttime due to less absorbency. Consider using Cloth Diapers with high absorbency for nighttime.

Where can I buy langots?

  • Langots are widely available in South Asian countries and you can buy them here.

Cloth Diapers vs. Langots:

Cloth diapers vs Langots: Which is better?

  • This totally depends on your needs and preferences. Cloth diapers offer more styles, features, and absorbency options, while langots are simpler and potentially more affordable. And both serve different purposes. You can try our Starter Kit to know what works better for you. In fact, using both in turns will be of great benefit to the baby’s hygiene.
  • Read - The Secret to 100% rash-free diapering for newborns.

Can I use cloth diapers and langots together?

  • Absolutely! You can use langots for daytime changes and diaper free time and cloth diapers for nighttime or longer outings.


What are the benefits of cloth diapers?

What are the benefits of langots?


What are the challenges of cloth diapers?

  • Many find washing Cloth Diapers to be uncomfortable and inconvenient. But most parents make a conscious choice where they don’t mind doing it. Modern high efficient washing machines come in handy. Build-ups due to inadequate washing is also a challenge.
  • Read - Tips to maintain Cloth Diapers.

What are the challenges of langots?

  • May require more frequent changes, and finding good quality modern langots might be difficult in some regions. Because most langots in the marketplaces are dry feel nappies which is completely synthetic.
  • Read - Kewt langots Vs Other langots.

Risks & Resources:

Are there any health risks associated with cloth diapers or langots?

  • Not inherently, but improper hygiene during washing or changing can increase diaper rash risk. Not changing the diaper immediately after baby poops will give way to rashes.

What are some resources for learning more about cloth diapering?

  • Online forums, blogs, and websites dedicated to cloth diapering offer extensive information and support. You can visit our exclusive Cloth Diapering Blog for hands-on experience.

Can I use cloth wipes with cloth diapers/langots?

  • Yes, cloth wipes are a reusable and eco-friendly option for cleaning during diaper changes. The chemicals and fragrances in disposable wipes will cause more irritation than helping.

How do I dispose of solid waste from cloth diapers/langots?

  • Dry feel liners are a great way to dispose potty from cloth diapers. You can remove the liner, dump the solid into the potty, rinse the liner and the rest with a sprayer.

What do I do with used cloth diapers/langots while traveling?

  • Wet bags are a convenient way to store soiled diapers until you can wash them properly.

Is cloth diapering worth it?

  • You may find it hard at first! But trust us! Cloth Diapering with Just Bumm is totally worth it!

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