Quick Instructions for Washing Just Bumm Cloth Diapers

Quick Instructions for Washing Just Bumm Cloth Diapers

Please only follow our wash instructions.

First Wash: Always wash before using. The first wash also requires detergent. You need to follow both pre-wash and main-wash steps.

Storing: All used cloth diapers, accessories, and langots should be stored in a dry open pail without rinsing. It can be stored for 48-72 hours. In the case of pooped diapers and accessories, rinse out the poop, rinse the pooped diapers in plain water, squeeze out excess, and store as such. If washed with detergent, you must follow the entire steps without skipping any steps. Always use laundry tabs for Newborn Diapers and Fluffie while storing and washing.

Machine Wash:

Step 1 - Prewash:

Choose a cycle that runs for 30 mins. Use appropriate detergent for the load (half or full) as recommended by the detergent brand.

Step 2 - Mainwash:

Choose a cycle that runs for 30-40 mins with plain rinse and spin at the end of the cycle. Cotton 30 or 40 mode is preferred. Add detergent as recommended. No suds should remain while taking them out. (if suds are seen, run a plain rinse alone).


Step 1 - Prewash:

Soak the langots/diapers & accessories in water with powder detergent (like Surf Excel or Tide or ariel - no fragrance) for 20 mins. Agitate, squeeze and repeat (do not wring as it may loosen the elastics) Rinse once in plain water.

Step 2 - Mainwash:

Soak again in water with powder detergent for 30 mins. Agitate, squeeze and rinse.

Step 3 - Plain Rinse:

Rinse in plain water till all soap suds are gone and the langots / diapers smell fresh.

General Wash Instruction:

  • We recommend using only commercial powder detergents like Surf Excel, Tide or Ariel (without fragrance). For Machines, use Matic.
  • Do not use Dettol, Savlon, fabric softeners, or Sanitizers.
  • Do not use soap, soap nuts, baby detergents, or liquid detergents.
  • Do not use brushes.
  • Add water softener if you have hard water at your place.
  • Temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
  • Do not iron or bleach.

Note: Our Velcro are tested and certified for performance. You must use laundry tabs for storing and washing. If used, the velcros will never be damaged. The Velcros will be damaged only if laundry tabs are not used. 

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