How to Use Aurora Max Cloth Diapers for Nighttime

How to Use Aurora Max Cloth Diapers for Nighttime

A Guide to Conquering Nighttime with Aurora Max Cloth Diapers:

Cloth diapering is a fantastic way to save money, reduce waste, and provide comfortable hygiene for your baby. But nighttime leaks can be a concern for new cloth diapering parents. Fear not! Just Bumm Aurora Max cloth diapers are designed to handle even the heaviest wetters, ensuring a leak-free and restful night's sleep.

Extra Absorbent Pads:

While the Aurora Max diaper offers excellent absorbency for daytime use, nighttime might require a little extra power. This is where our specially designed booster pads come in. These additional pads like Organic Cotton Booster Pad, Hemp Booster, or Hemp Flat significantly increase absorbency, keeping your baby dry and comfortable through the night.

Here's How to Use Aurora Max Cloth Diaper for Nighttime:

  1. Prep the diaper: Size the outer cover according to your baby’s age and weight before wearing. Watch - How to Size Aurora Max Cloth Diaper.
  2. Add booster pad: Add the Booster pad of your choice to the prefold. Watch - How to use Organic Cotton Booster With Aurora Max Cloth Diaper.
  3. Attach the Prefold: Now attach the booster and prefold to the outer cover. You can also keep the hemp booster inside the pocket.
  4. Extra Comfort: You can either use dry feel liners on top or leave it as such.
  5. Snug fit is key: Adjust the snaps on the cover to achieve a snug but comfortable fit around your baby's legs and waist. Ensure there are no gaps to prevent leaks. Watch - How to wear Cloth diapers for babies.

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Tips for Success:

Pre-washing: Wash your Aurora Max diapers and booster pads before first use.

Wash routine: Follow the recommended wash routine for optimal performance. Read How to Wash Just Bumm Cloth Diapers & Langots.

Material matters: Aurora Max Cloth Diapers are made using 100% Organic Cotton to reduce rashes and prevent irritation & skin infection.


How many nighttime changes will my baby need?

  • Every baby is different. Start with a nighttime check and adjust the frequency based on your baby's needs. Aurora Max Diapers can last for 9-12 hours at night for medium wetters with a booster pad.

Can I use Aurora Max for daytime too?

  • Absolutely! Aurora Max Cloth Diaper with its prefold insert is perfect for daytime use. Add a booster for extended wear time for heavy wetters.

What if there are leaks?

  • Leaks can happen occasionally and it’s natural. Leaks may be caused due to so many factors like climate, intake & growth spurts. Ensure a snug fit, check your wash routine, and consider adding an extra booster pad like hemp if leaks persist. Read Hacks to Prevent Cloth Diaper leaks.

Can cloth diapers work at night?

  • Yes! With the right absorbency and techniques, you can cloth diaper at nighttime.

How to prevent leaks at night with cloth diapers?

  • Extra inserts, boosters, and proper fit are key.

What are the best cloth diapers for nighttime?

Benefits of using cloth diapers at night.

  • Unlike disposable diapers, Cloth Diapers are made of gentle fabrics. So they can offer a comfortable and convenient sleep for babies. Moreover, there won’t be any irritation from the plastic lining of the disposable diapers. Read Are Disposable Diapers safe for babies?

Nighttime cloth diapering routine:

  • To get the most out of nighttime cloth diapering, follow these. Make a final visit to the potty. For walkers or crawlers, empty bladders will give a nice sleep. Change into fresh diapers right before their clock in time. For example, if you wear a cloth diaper at 8 pm, you can remove it by 6 am or 7 am the next morning. During the initial days, keep a spare. Babies can be very unpredictable with their potty sometimes. So it would help if you had a change. Once you wake up, check the pads and how wet they are. This can help you keep track of their wetting pattern too. If completely soaked and very wet – heavy wetters. Fully soaked and mildly wet – medium wetters. Soaked – low wetter.

Sweet dreams are just a diaper change away with Aurora Max! I hope you find these tips useful for your cloth diapering journey!

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