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Disposable diapers cause rashes not only because they contain chemicals but also because they are not breathable! Switch to Just Bumm Diapers and give a safe diapering to your babies!





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Kewt Langot - Pack Of 3
Kewt Langot - Pack Of 3 Sale price₹ 449.00 Regular price₹ 598.00
Just Bumm Newborn Cloth Diaper - Owlsome
Just Bumm Newborn Cloth Diaper - Owlsome Sale price₹ 599.00 Regular price₹ 798.00

100% Organic Cotton

Waterproof Outer, 100% Organic Cotton pads


1 Pee

Day: 3-4 Hrs

Night: 5-6 Hrs


0-3 Months

0-6 Months


0-5 Kgs

2.5 Kgs - 7 Kgs

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Newborn Starter Kit
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Ayushi Choudhary

Kewt langots

The kewt langots are amazing. Finishing is so good. These are comfortable for the baby too. No elastic marks. Thanks Justbumm for the langots 😊

Mayuri S

Aurora Max

Very good in absorbency and very slim as described. The design is top notch because we can the option to put the insert inside the diaper shell itself that is hood.

Devi Darsana

Newborn Diapers

I feel just wow…Very Good product, soft cotton, easy to handle.. Thank You Just Bumm for good money-worth product.

Nitya Malladi


Go for it. Mess free and comfortable diaper free time with cute prints!

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Quick Instructions for Washing Just Bumm Cloth Diapers

Please only follow our wash instructions. Storing: All used cloth diapers, accessories, and langots should be stored in a dry open pail without rinsing. It can be stored for 48-72 hours. In the cas...

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Cloth Diapers and Hard Water

Hard water means a lot especially if you are using Cloth Diapers for your baby. You may wonder how water can cause issues. It does and it is the worst problem you can ever face! Read on to find out...

What is Detergent Buildup in Cloth Diaper?

Buildup in Cloth Diapers indicates concentration leftover due to poor wash routine, hard water minerals, and overuse of detergent, and products. You should not take buildup issues lightly as it cau...

A Debunk of Cloth Diaper Myths

You must have heard a lot of things about Cloth diapers; good or bad. You are convinced to buy Cloth diapers yet not really sure if you can go all in on them. That is why we have decided to debunk ...

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